Ranch Ownership FAQ's

We have assembled, and will continue to add to, a list of common questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions you have.

  • How do I finance a large ranch or farm investment?

  • Are there any tax advantages to purchasing ranch land?

  • What are mineral rights, water rights, wind rights, timber rights or any type of rights?
    Any piece of land comes with a bundle of rights. Some have more than others like for example the perfect land, farm or ranch investment would be with several types of rights. Here are some examples of rights: mineral, water, wind, timber, aggregate material, grazing, hunting, fishing, recreational, certain endangered species conservation rights, development use, easement, adjudicated water and there are alot more.

    An example of mineral right is a right to extract a mineral from the earth or to receive payment, in the form of royalty, for the extraction of minerals. "Mineral" may have different meanings depending on the context, and there is no universal definition. Mineral generally includes: Fossil Fuels - oil, natural gas, and coal

    Metals and metal-bearing ores - such as gold,copper and iron

    Non-metallic minerals and mineable rock products - limestone

    gypsum, building stones and salt.

    May also include sand and gravel, peat, marl, etc.

    note: in different states there are some variations of what is meant by mineral rights.

    So, it would be important to know the meanings in different state.

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